Younger Adults

Assistance and School / University

Flexicare at Home can care and support you to attend college or university. Our services can be anything from a few hours assisting you to attend lectures to full live-in support in your own home, shared living accommodation, or university/college campus.

We understand the benefits of matching your personality with your carer. We therefore explore the type of carer you would prefer, their interests and their personality.

Depending on your requirements, your carer can assist you in many areas for example:

Personal care (e.g. washing, grooming, toileting and dressing);
Meal preparation and feeding;
Assistance with medication;
Transfer to/from university or college;
Assisting you in lectures (e.g. taking notes) or in the library;
Recreational activities (e.g. board games, swimming)
Accompanying you on social activities;

You would have a small team of dedicated carers who would be as involved in your daily life as you want them to be. Your carer would not wear a uniform and would remain as inconspicuous as you would like.
Contact Us to discuss how we can help you at university or college

Assistance at Work

We can provide any care support that you need to help you lead an independent life that includes going to work. Our care provision is wide ranging and can include personal care such as toileting or feeding to assistance with the physical aspects of your job. Our service can be adapted to your changing needs.

Social Support

You may simply want company to and from social activities. We would match your personality and interests with that of your carer. Your carer can arrange social activities on your behalf – you just need to ask.

Social outings can be anything from a night out at a pub or club, to a football match, a gig or going to the cinema or theatre. The choice is yours.

Many of our carers have a car and therefore may be able to assist in transporting you to and from venues.

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