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We are a family run business based in West Yorkshire, specialising in practical care and emotional support services in the comfort of that all-important place – people’s own home.

Our philosophy of care is to provide you with a truly personalised service that preserves your privacy and dignity and respects your needs, preferences and wishes.

Welcome to Flexicare at Home

Our management team have their roots in social care, nursing and/or psychology. We operate a robust recruitment process to ensure all our carers provide care that is empathetic, considerate, respectful and promotes independence. We are very proud of our training programme including our unique Psychology of Care course, which gives carers the tools to not only meet your practical care needs but also improve your emotional well-being and quality of life.

Some of our clients need help with personal care, shopping, preparing meals and feeding, others may simply yearn for another presence in the home or someone to take them out.  Our care packages are flexible and provide a holistic solution preferable to residential care.

The carers allocated to support you will be chosen in order to match their skills and personality with your needs and preferences, and also to minimise travelling distance in order to support good time attendance. In addition to the direct carer support, the management team are available for additional support Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Out-of-hours emergency support is covered by the Duty Manager at all other times.

Most of our care referrals come from recommendations from other clients. Read some of our testimonials to learn more.

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How we can help you...

We all know the adage “There is no place like home”. As we get older and less able to look after ourselves, we tend to resist change. How we feel in ourselves has a major effect on our physical health and ability to cope with life. Yet moving from a much-loved home with its many cherished memories, the familiar surroundings, friends and neighbours, can be disturbing and stressful. Moving into a home with strangers can seem terrifying and make us feel isolated, often leading to depression and physical decline.

Flexicare at Home believe the wellbeing, dignity, individuality of each client is enhanced by staying in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home, for as long as is feasible. We want our clients to continue to enjoy their past, their present and a future. By staying in your own home, surrounded by your past and your familiar comforts, there is no traumatic upheaval. The arrival of a Carer heralds a new phase in your life, a secure and stimulating day-to-day life and a future to look forward to.

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Our 5-point Promise:

1. We promise to find a Carer you will enjoy being with

2. We promise to be thorough and reliable

3. We promise to relate to you as a person, not a patient

4. We promise to adapt our service to your needs, not our convenience

5. We promise to review your care on a regular basis and modify it to meet your changing needs

Supporting Family Carers

We understand that family and friends who act as the main carer for loved ones need some support or an occasional break from their caring responsibilities. We can provide respite care so a family carer can take a holiday with peace of mind, knowing their loved ones are receiving excellent care in their own familiar surroundings. Our support services include 24-hour care, day-sitting and night-sitting services. Our appointment support service eases the need for family to take time off work to take their loved ones to appointments.

Quality Assurance

We want those that we care and support, to be happy with their carers and the service they provide. We rely on feedback from you, and people acting on your behalf, to identify what we are doing well, and what needs improving. We see feedback as a golden opportunity to improve our practice and to provide better, more personalised services. We therefore have regular quality assurance reviews to ensure you are happy with your care provision and we are meeting your needs.

We conduct an annual survey each year which is sent to all our Clients, and their families where applicable. Our latest survey (November 2013) showed that all but one of our clients rated our services as either Very Good or Excellent. You can request a copy of the full report through 'Contact Us'

Steps To Receiving Care

Step 1

  • A qualified Care Manager or Care Coordinator will:
  • Discuss your care requirements and preferences with you;
  • Provide you with information on the services we can offer you;
  • Provide costs and discuss potential funding options.

Step 2

  • The Care Manager or Care Coordinator will arrange to visit you to conduct a full care assessment
  • Preferred visit times are documented
  • Carer preferences (e.g. male or female, quiet or bubbly) are documented

Step 3

  • If needed, we will assist with referrals to Social Services, Healthcare Professionals (e.g. Occupational Therapists, District Nursing) and telecare services
  • A Care Plan centered around your needs, preferences and wishes will be agreed between us and documented
  • All costs will be documented in a contract for you to consider

Step 4

  • We match your personality and care needs with our carers
  • Your carers are introduced to you
  • Carer training specific to your needs is arranged

Step 5

  • A Flexicare Home Folder is created to hold your care documentation
  • Your care support commences

Step 6

  • The Care management team regularly review your care support in the initial few weeks to ensure you are happy with the service you are receiving and the carers who are delivering it
  • Reviews are carried out periodically after this initial period or when your circumstances change
  • Feedback is regularly collected

Seeking a Service

The first step is for one of our Care Managers to arrange to visit you in your own home, or in hospital if necessary.

We meet with you and your loved ones to identify how you wish to live your life, and the extent of the help you need. We invite you to share with us your interests, your passions and your dreams for the future to help us find you a Carer(s) who you will enjoy having around.

Together we prepare a Care Plan so that what we deliver is what you the client wants. This can of course be modified whenever your needs change. You and your loved ones will meet your local Care Manager and will have a direct telephone number to phone in case of emergency.

Your Care Team

In order for you to receive quality care, the Care Manager will establish your preferred name, personal circumstances, personal history, and social and medical circumstances. Previous work and hobbies, preferences with regard to activities and food will be noted and a personal Care Plan will be discussed and agreed with you. Your Care Manager or an agreed Care Coordinator will be the main point of contact for you and your principal carers/relatives, and will be available to answer any questions, to support your daily care routine and to simply have a chat with you whenever you so wish. They will also arrange for meetings to review your Care Plan periodically with you, and your family or friends, if you wish.

The Care Manager or Care Coordinator will arrange for your carer(s) to be introduced to you and your care plan. As previously stated, the carers allocated to support you will be chosen in order to match their skills and personality with your needs and preferences, and also to minimise travelling distance in order to support good time attendance.

Obviously not everyone gets on with each other. If you are unhappy with a carer, for whatever reason, please bring this to the attention of the Care Manager or Care Coordinator. The matter will be res olved sensitively and confidentially, and a new carer will be assigned to you, if this is appropriate.

We believe that concerns, complaints, suggestions and compliments are a valuable indicator of the quality of our service, and an opportunity to improve that quality. A copy of the full complaints, sug gestions and compliments policy and procedure will be explained to you and your representatives at the beginning of the service. You can find your copy, in your preferred format, in your Flexicare Home File. Blank forms are also provided for your convenience.

We encourage people who we support to instigate the complaints procedure whenever they feel it is necessary and we do not wish to confine complaints to major issues. We assure you will not be victimised for raising a concern or complaint. We encourage you to comment when relatively minor concerns are a problem, such as not having your tea served in the manner you would prefer. It is our policy that all matters that disturb or upset you should be reported, and corrective action should be taken. Only in that way can we work towards meeting our aim of continuously improving our service.

You are encouraged to forward suggestions. This helps us to further improve our service delivery. We welcome compliments as they help us identify what we are doing well, and for whom and by whom. Such feedback also boosts employee’s job satisfaction and maintains their commitment to providing excellent service at all times.

See Our Services for more information.

Why Invite Flexicare Into Your Home?

1. Flexible care tailored to your specific needs

2. Qualified staff with extra training in our unique caring philosophy

3. A responsive local office who you can contact in confidence at any time

4. Continuity of staff: all staff are employed directly by Flexicare

5. Full legal approval: Flexicare is approved by the Government’s Care Quality Commission

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