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Our Care Services

All Flexicare employees are trained to a high standard and understand the importance of providing care that is tailored to you, and delivered with the utmost dignity and respect.

Personal Care

You, with your family if you wish, decide the care and support you would like us to provide and our staff will design a tailor made care plan. All carers follow this plan and will work closely with you to ensure it provides exactly what you want.

Our personal care services are many, and can include any of the following:

  • assistance with mobility;
  • assistance with getting in and out of bed;
  • assistance with bathing and washing and grooming;
  • assistance with dressing;
  • medication assistance;
  • application of creams and lotions;
  • assistance with eating and drinking;
  • special diet and meal preparation;
  • toileting;
  • continence care;
  • domestic tasks;
  • shopping;
  • pet care.

Medication Assistance

All carers are fully trained in the administration of medication and can assist with delivery and organisation of medication, such as Dosette boxes. We work to your needs, whether prompting, assisting or administering medication. If you have specialised needs you will be allocated a carer trained in the specialised technique, and your care plan will be agreed with others involved in your health care, such as your district nurse.

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Dementia Care

Flexicare at Home prides itself in being Dementia Care specialists. All our specially selected staff are trained in our unique dementia training programme. On-going support is provided by our Registered Manager with a psychology desgree Ann Whaley, and our registered nurse trainer Sarah Brudenell.

Dementia is a cruel illness, which often greatly affects the family as well as the person with dementia. That is why our dementia care service takes into consideration the needs of the person with dem entia and those of the supporting family.

In many, many situations a person with dementia feels less confused and more comfortable in their own home. Our care service therefore focuses on helping them to stay safe and happy at home, and easing the care burden of family members.

In our experience, we have found that after a few weeks of our care and support the emotional well-being of the person with dementia and their family greatly improves. This is often to the extent that the dementia does not appear to be as pronounced.

As with all our care provision, we ensure you have a small dedicated team that you become familiar with. Our care visits are a minimum of 30 minutes. We can also provide support for sleepovers, short respite breaks at home and live-in (22 or 24 hour) care.

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The dedicated team can provide a number of services including personal care, assistance with medication, meal preparation, shopping, social activities and domestic activities.

Our dementia care focuses on the emotional well-being alongside the practical tasks. This helps you to feel reassured and safe in your own home, and provides peace of mind to your loved ones. Where re quired, we work alongside dedicated dementia organisations (e.g. Alzheimer’s Society and Admiral Nurses) and healthcare professionals to develop a holistic care plan aimed at enabling you to have a happy and good quality of life.

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Specialist Care

We have experienced carers to assist across many specialist care areas including;

Parkinson's, Huntington's, Multiple Sclerosis, and brain injuries.

We also provide care and support to people, and their families, faced with potentially life-threatening illness. We focus on improving individual's psychological and spiritual well-being enabling them to cope better with their health circumstances and increasing their quality of life.

Our specialist care service includes:

  • Palliative care;
  • End of Life care;
  • Hospital discharge and convalescence support;
  • Night support;
  • Spiritual and psychological support;
  • Specialist techniques (e.g. catheter, PEG feed, stoma care).

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We focus on you being able to remain within your home and still receive the specialist care and support you require.

We work with you, and other relevant parties (e.g. family and healthcare professionals) to develop a detailed individualised care plan that takes into account your physical and emotional needs. We reg ularly review this plan to meet any changing needs and preferences.

You will be assigned a small dedicated care team who will be fully trained on all aspects of your care. Some training may be at your home, to ensure your specific needs are met.

Palliative Care

We support adults with a life-threatening illness to remain as long as they wish in the comfort of their own home. The support can include personal care, medication, specialist equipment and social co mpanionship. We fit around you and adapt to your changing requirements.

We can provide full 24-hour care, should you need someone to support you both day and night. Live-in care is also available should you require care throughout the day and simply a reassuring presence overnight. Shorter visits are also available, from half hour visits to several hours.


We feel it is of great importance that if a person wishes to live their last days at home, they have the right to do so. We can assist by providing the correct level of care and support, ensuring you ar comfortable and safe. This can include 24 hour care, live-in care or shorter daily visits. At all times we will encourage and support your family members to spend time with you.

Hospital Discharge

We appreciate that people feel safer and more comfortable in their own home. If you need care and support following a hospital stay or recovery from an illness, care in your own home is often preferable to residential care or a nursing home.

We can visit you in hospital, if you wish, and assess the level of care required. This assessment can include the views of your healthcare team, and where applicable, your family. A person-centred care plan will be designed, that will take into account all of your health needs, emotional well-being, preferences, wishes and choices. We can ensure your home is prepared for your return. We can pick you up from hospital and escort you home by car. A senior carer will stay with you ensuring you are comfortable and settled. We can stay with you for as long as you need, from an hour to 24 hours a day. You can ask for longer hours in the initial days of recovery, and reduce the hours as the recovery progresses.

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Night Support

We understand that some people need some support during the night. This may be to assist with toileting, personal care or to give a family member a good night’s sleep in the knowledge someone is caring for their loved one.

Our sleeping night service provides you with a reassuring presence in your home should you need infrequent support overnight. The carer would normally sleep at your home from 10pm to 7am, and be available for overnight assistance.

Our waking night service is suitable for supporting you should you require more frequent and regular assistance during the night. The carer would stay awake all through the night, and be available for whatever support you require.

More about our Live-In Service

Disability Support

Flexicare at Home support adults with physical disabilities or challenges such as learning disabilities, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism.

Our service aims to help you to live as independently as possible. You are involved in all decisions about your care and support. Our care can be wide ranging and flexible to fit around your needs and preferences and can include any of the following:

  • Personal care (bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting);
  • Meal preparation;
  • Assistance with mobility;
  • Medication assistance;
  • Application of creams and lotions;
  • Assistance with eating and drinking;
  • Domestic tasks including laundry;
  • Shopping;
  • Attending appointments;
  • Socialising

Whether you need just two hours a week or full live-in care, we can provide the care services that meet the needs of you and your loved one.


Companionship and Support on Social Outings

We understand the importance of social contact for emotional and psychological well-being and combating loneliness. We provide a companionship service that will help you maintain a level of social contact that suits you. This can be from 2 hours a week, and cover any activity of your choice (for example card games, dance clubs, community events, shopping, researching family tree, fishing, holiday companionship,to name but a few). We match your companion with your personality, preferences, wishes and interests. We keep abreast of events and activities in your local area, so if you require information we can provide this.

Appointment Support

We understand how stressful hospital, doctor and other professional appointments can be. To help take the stress out of these visits, we can provide a door to door service, giving you a relaxed experience with good company. On your return home, we will make sure you are comfortable before the end of our visit. We will introduce the person accompanying you on your appointments, before you take the service on. We aim to provide continuity throughout the year for all your appointments, by allocating the same person where possible.

Day and night sitting service

We provide day-sitting and night-time services, thus ensuring the vulnerable need not be left alone.

Our day-sitting service can include personal care (for example feeding, grooming) or social stimulation (for example recreation activities, reading) and domestic help. We can also provide an escort service, for example to and from appointments and activities in the community, such as day care. We can stay or alternatively pick up when required.

Our night sitting service includes waking nights and sleep-overs. Waking nights are used where you need assistance during the night, almost or every night. Sleep-overs are useful where you normally do not need assistance during the night, but for your peace of mind a carer sleeps at your home and is available should you need some help in the middle of the night.

Domestic Help, Shopping and Gardening

There sometimes comes a time in our lives, where we need a little bit of support, this could be with cleaning, shopping, or gardening. We rigorously vet all our employees, including Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks. All of our employees are trained and we provide spot checks to ensure the service they provide is of the excellent quality expected. This will give you peace of mind that you have a competent, warm and caring individual assisting you with your chores. They will be more than happy to make you a cup of tea whilst there and chat with you whilst they work. With just a little help, we can assist you to stay at home.

Respite (Family Carers)

We understand that family carers may need support or an occasional break from their caring responsibilities. We provide respite care so as you, the family carer, can take a holiday, a short break or just have some time for yourself. Our respite care includes day-sitting, night-sitting and 22-hour or 24-hour care.

Younger Adults

Assistance and School / University

Flexicare at Home can care and support you to attend college or university. Our services can be anything from a few hours assisting you to attend lectures to full live-in support in your own home, shared living accommodation, or university/college campus.

We understand the benefits of matching your personality with your carer. We therefore explore the type of carer you would prefer, their interests and their personality.

Depending on your requirements, your carer can assist you in many areas for example:
  • Personal care (e.g. washing, grooming, toileting and dressing);
  • Meal preparation and feeding;
  • Assistance with medication;
  • Transfer to/from university or college;
  • Assisting you in lectures (e.g. taking notes) or in the library;
  • Recreational activities (e.g. board games, swimming)
  • Accompanying you on social activities;

You would have a small team of dedicated carers who would be as involved in your daily life as you want them to be. Your carer would not wear a uniform and would remain as inconspicuous as you would like.

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Assistance at Work

We can provide any care support that you need to help you lead an independent life that includes going to work. Our care provision is wide ranging and can include personal care such as toileting or feeding to assistance with the physical aspects of your job. Our service can be adapted to your changing needs.

Social Support

You may simply want company to and from social activities. We would match your personality and interests with that of your carer. Your carer can arrange social activities on your behalf – you just need to ask.

Social outings can be anything from a night out at a pub or club, to a football match, a gig or going to the cinema or theatre. The choice is yours.

Many of our carers have a car and therefore may be able to assist in transporting you to and from venues.

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